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Peta Sklarz

A Journey starts with One Step

I wrote the first 300 words of my blog on January 1st, 2018.  Writing has been my passion my whole life, but I confined it to my journal and hid it.  I thought that if I told my truth that people would judge and reject me.  But my life came to a crossroads that I felt like if I didn't speak up I was going to burst.  So, I overcame my fears and clicked the PUBLISH button on my blog. 

To  my surprise and delight,  like minded women found my blog and began commenting and reaching out to me. They told me that I inspired them by being vulnerable and honest about my abusive past, and my present struggles. 

I started creating a community of support that has encouraged me to keep going. 

Writing my blog led me to rediscovering my passion for drawing illustrations of magical women.  I started posting my illustrations on Instagram in March 2018. Once again, I received such support from my new community,  that they convinced me to start selling my illustrations.  

I feel so humbled that you are here, and enjoy what I have to offer.  And I am grateful every single day that I had the courage to rediscover my creative side, otherwise none of this would exist.

Peta Sklarz

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About Me

What is Womanwhy?

Womanwhy was born out of me asking the question WHY?  Why did I feel dissatisfied when I had all the things I had worked so hard for?  Why did I want to drive off by myself when I had the best family I could ask for? Why did I feel sad and frustrated?  I was trying to change everything around me to make my life better, but my real journey started when I looked inside....

My Passion and My Truth

My passion has always been writing, so I started my journey there.  I feel good, whole and connected when I write so it seemed like a good place to start.  My writing led me to revealing my truth of growing up in abuse, which I had kept hidden and lied about for most of my life.  It also led me to rediscovering my artistic side, and drawing again.  


  • Financial Professional (see LinkedIN)
  • Corporate Blogger 
  • Instagram Blogger/ Artist
  • Scuola Leonardo da Vinci - Florence Italy - Language and Culture Studies
  • Golden Gate University - Business Studies
  • UC Santa Barbara - BA Business/Economics
  • Volunteer - Write Around Portland 
  • Volunteer - Investwrite